Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In my family, we do Birthdays up real good. My momma grew up with a sick mom and with a super busy farming father. Naturally, there wasn't a big to-do around their home when it came to birthdays. When my mom and dad began their own little family, my mom began making all of our birthdays super special. That means we often spend the whole week celebrating.

So this week is my birthday week and I'm pretty excited. We are having a family dinner tomorrow evening and a big party with all my most special buds on Saturday (the real Birthday day). Should be super fun! I really wanna make a vegan cake (to stick with my resolutions, which, P.S. I've been doing pretty good on! I need the UH-MAZING Rikki Cupcake to show me the ropes : ) Anyways, to celebrate this week, I'm getting my hair done! It always so exciting. I am looking for a change! What are your thoughts friends??

 Maybe a change of color?

 Cute bangs, huh?

 I love her hair. It's so big.

 Awe Jenny. So Cute.

This might be my favorite.

I don't know. Ya see, I never prepare and always end up with the same thing (Ok or I get super cheap in the moment and flake on any heafty plans, lol) . Help! It's a new year and I need some spunk!


  1. Happy Birthday week! Mine the 18th, I'll be 34...I'm going RED! I think the first and last pic rocks!


  2. Happy birthday. I like the red or the black! Pretttty sweet. See ya Saturday!

  3. happy birthday (week)!!

    you're absolutely adorable so i totally think you could pull off just about anything. i definitely think you should go red :) i say that because it will be so bright and different since you are blonde, the red will really stick. i think it would look great!! maybe with the cut on the last girl in that photo with the black hair. that girl with the long, big hair is also really pretty but is your hair that long? hehe.

    xo, carly.

  4. Happy Birthday week Ms. Thang! I can't wait to hang out and catch up with you and see your NEW HAIR. Text me when you're free!!

  5. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I had the best birthday this year for sure! I'll try and tell you all about it asap! xxoo

    Kara I miss you!!!!!!!!

  6. hey... just came by from campfire chic. think i will be adding your blog to my list of regulars to check out:)
    i love my birthday and do a whole week too! ...and usually try to milk it the whole month. (people usually start groaning). I just like to throw 'birthday' in front of anything (birthday laundry!)

    I'm becky, and i just started a new artsy/crafty blog (different from my more personal blog). you can find me at
    nice to 'meet' you!


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