Tuesday, January 4, 2011

True Story

I recently found this AWESOME series, True Story, on Yes Yes. I fully spent like, and entire day reading through these interviews, where we get to hear from "people who have experienced interesting/amazing/challenging things".

There is everything from I Didn't Buy Anything New for One Year to I have Asbergers, from I met my Birth Mom to I'm a Genius. The series even includes more sesitive topics like, I had an Abortion. Its really interesting to hear everyone's stories and it really gives a new perspective on lots of different topics. Be sure to pop in and read this great series.

*** Please be sensitive and appreciative of the folks telling their stories. I know that some of the sensitive topics can illlicit strong feelings. I also know that, with the anonymity of the blogging world, sometimes folks say mean things (not y'all though I'm sure! : ) So let's be supportive and keep it positive. XXOO***

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