Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and exciting weekend. I covered almost all of the events I was invited to except my friend Kellie's party. Boo : ( But three outta four ain't bad.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda a hater when it comes to new years resolutions. First off, why wait to make changes? (However, I do know it's helpful to have a set date to work towards). And second, the idea of changing your life because of the new year puts an awful lot of pressure on you and your goals. Plus, they rarely seem to stick...

Well... I made some anyway. Here's my list!

Eat Healthy. Ok so along with everyone else in America, I wanna lose weight, bleh. Back in the day I was ripped. I lost about 25 pounds, only to gain 17 back. BUMMER. But you know what? I did it once and I can certainly do it again. And guess what? I joined Weight Watchers. I hope it goes well. Another part of this little goal is trying to be vegan. I did real good and stocked up my fridge with good and healthy things and I reeeeaaally wanna succeed at this one. (Any pointers my vegan friends??)

Get active.  At work, the other accounting ladies and I already walk almost every day (except the rare instances when its raining or someone forgot their shoes). I wanna keep that up and get faster and faster. Plus, I plan to head to the gym at least twice a week. That's where I'll start. Aaaand I looove hiking so I wanna get my bum in gear and get going!

Stop thinking so much. Ok so this one just came to me but I think its a good one. I am not sure how to accomplish this, or really even measure it (ideas?). But I do a lot of over-thinking. I'm often 5 steps ahead of everything and honestly it kinda sucks. I wanna learn to be "in the moment", to live life instead of trying to controll it.


Get my tattoo. For real. Soon.


What do you wanna do this year? Let's make it UH-MAZING : )


  1. We have ome similar goals. I am agoing vegan for a couple months now. For the most part its been pretty easy.
    But their is some super hard times too, alot of times people forget that you are and your in situations where you feel uncomfortable.

    I am learning though to not be sorry for who I am and what I believe in.
    Thats my major problem.
    I got stocked up on some AMAZING cookbooks which help a lot. Then we also eat out way less.
    Sometimes I do get annoyed with the non vegan world, I dont know why your choosing to go vegan but for me its to do with the animals. I know I need to remember im doing this for me. No one else.

    If you ever need some support or encouragement feel free to contact me! Or any cookbook recommendations.

  2. The "stop over-thinking" goal totally sounds like one I should work on, too!
    I have a list of fun activities I want to do this year, so most of my goals are things like hosting a cocktail party for friends and performing an awesome karaoke number.

  3. Ben was vegan for a while, he would have some good tips. When we talk I'll let you know some of the ways he incorporated protein into his meals. When I met him he was SO thin. You don't need to lose weight though. You look great! PS. My new years resolution is to stop thinking so much. It's really hard. :( I think I may change it to when I think too much change the thought into something more realistic and positive. Thoughts?


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