Friday, January 7, 2011

Myspace woot woo!

My lovely pal Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet did a fun post the other day. She posted a bunch of fun photos from her myspace. Now, I was a total myspace hater. I resisted and resisted until one boring snowy day in college. My friend and I decided together not to go to class- bad!- and instead we spent the day creating myspace pages. I guess, in hindsight, it was a pretty fun way to spend the day- bonding as we tried to make our pages as cool as possible and creep through people's profiles, looking for cute boys, haha. So yes I was a late bloomer and my photos aren't nearly as exciting but hey, I thought it would be a fun way for y'all to get to know more about me!

Oh and here's one of my new hair

If you're local come to First Fridays and say hello! 6th Street and Roosevelt.


  1. You are SO cute and always have been. You and your sister are just the sweetest things, you can tell how much you love each other from all of these photos. And speaking of love...YOUR HAIR! *swoon*

    Happy weekend!

  2. Brunette?!? What?! When?! That really caught me off guard Ash! love, love.

  3. cool hair!! also I love your eye makeup heehee

    xo leanna

  4. I love your hair!! It looks gorgeous! =]

  5. Your hair looks soooo pretty (as always). <33

  6. I met my fiance on MySpace three years ago. I opened an account there to find new indie bands, one day David added me, we hit it off right away and in less than two months, he said, "I'm going to Argentina to meet you" (He's from California). I got my fiancée visa last week and am ready to go to California, marry David and settle down there with Dimitri, my kitty. I'm taking off in early February. So, thank you MySpace! :P The new layout sucks, though. They're trying to make it look more like Facebook ... God, I hate FB!

    Awesome new hair, by the way! All the best wishes for 2011! ;)


  7. Awe thanks friends!!!

    And Traci- yeah I've had like every color- black, red, green, purple, everything! I've got lots of polaroids from high school with different hair in each one haha.

    Miki- Congrats lady! That's such an awesome story! Feb is coming so fast! How super exciting!!


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