Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three reasons why I'm super excited

I am so excited. For several reasons.

Here are three.

I ordered new glasses!! They are super rad and adorable. Check em out.  (Don't mind that awful face I'm making ok?)

I got a verizon Iphone. Woot Woo! Ordered it up first thing this morning (well, because I'm sick my mom woke up bright and early to order it for me- she's the best).


The amazingly talented Katy Verga is the newest consigner here at the GROWop!! I met Katy at the Crafeteria, a local indie craft fair. I instantly fell in love with her dolls and wanted to be best friends. 

 Each little doll comes with a name and a story and kinds of cute little touches- see the glasses and scarf?

This is Teddy and Samson. Here's Samson's story : )
"Samson most enjoys bird watching. He can preform any bird call you request from him, from the Blue Jay to the House Finch, to the Mockingbird song. He has recently taken an interest in carpentry."

Suuper adorable- I love them so much!

Since I am sick and it's cold (we are lacking any sort of temperature control here at the shop), I'm gonna bundle up, eat some thai food and watch the Danielson Famile movie on my sister's Netflix <3


  1. I can't wait for the Verizon iPhone....gah, I want one so much. I think its fate that I am due for an upgrade here soon :)

    Love the glasses too :) :) :)

  2. Those dolls are so adorable! I love how they have names too! Just like the characters in myy shop ^__^

    your glasses are so adorable! and no no no !!! you're very pretty!

  3. I'm in love with those dolls!! I am trying to make a doll for my daughter, and I can't get the hair right. These are TOO perfect!! Love your new glasses!

  4. Thanks Moe!! I seriously can't wait for my glasses to be done.

    Abby- Cute shop lady!

    Rach- I once made a doll. I sewed her by hand and like, created her from my brain. It took soooooooo long, haha. But I had to finish or I was gonna go crazy. Good luck on your dolly makin- show us pics when its done!!

  5. those dolls! i saw them at crafteria too and had to exercise all my self control not to buy one!


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