Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Weekend

Hey all. How was your Superbowl weekend? I actually had like, probably the best weekend in a loooong long time. Friday was the First Fridays Art Walk in dowtown Phoenix. I walked into the GROWop to man the post and what do I see?

Sorry for the bad bad picture.
The ah-mazing cash wrap!! We had been talking and designing and figuring things out for some time. But our suuuuper talented friend finally finished it and delivered it just in time for First Fridays. He made it from a pile of scrap wood. Can you even believe it? It's more than perfect. 

Then I went out to Mesa to see my buddy Jesse's band Red Son play at the Nile's one year anniversary.  Even though their music is intense, they are pretty much the nicest people in the whole planet and it was way fun to be able to see my buds killin it. Afterwards, Andrea-

Yeah, bad pictures again.
 the cutest little lady in the whole world- and I went dancin and met up with a giant gaggle of friends. It was super fun and I was happy the two groups could hang a bit and mingle.
Saturday was nice and relaxing. I got to spend some time hanging with the ladies of The Roose and my momma, while AJ put the magic touch on mom's hairs. She left lookin like a million bucks, but AJ wouldn't have it any other way. Then we went for lunch at one of my favorite downtown restaurants, Carly's Bistro.

Saturday night I got to hang with my buddy Dasi. We went to Josh's birthday party, my adorable business partner at the GROWop.

Kenny and Josh- I stole this off someone's facebook.
Poor guy got hit hard with the awful sickness that's been goin around. But he bucked up for his bowling party Saturday night.

Afterwards, Dasi and I went to Lost Leaf, had some girl time, and met up with our other friends.
(Funny side note: This guy came up to talk to Dasi and I and proceeded to tell us how no one at that bar likes blondes, hahaha. Don't really know what he was talking about or what that meant but... People are weird.)

Sunday I slept in nice and late. All last week I was suuuper sick and so it was nice to have a little time to rest up and fight this thing off for good. I cleaned my house all nice-like and headed over to my parents for super bowl festivities. (I mostly just napped in my sister's bed while watching SVU though). But then my favorite little boy in the whole world came over and we played games and ran around the back yard with little Humphrey.

Then I went over to my friends to watch the end of the Superbowl game. I'm not gonna lie though, I don't really like sports or the infamous commercials- which, am I right?, seemed to be severely lacking. I mean I only saw a few but the ones I saw were way lame. Anyways, it was super fun to be able to mingle with all my buds all weekend long. I love them all so much and I am so lucky to finally have some totally sincere, totally rad, and totally hilarious folks to call my friends. Lucky me : )

What did you do this weekend?? Did you eat lots of bad, yummy foods while watching the game? Did your team win??

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  1. Aww sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm glad you had such an amazing weekend! I rounded up my weekend with working until midnight! haha. ♥


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