Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frances Crafeteria/Urban Beans

This weekend was so fun. First off I started by participating the 5th annual Crafeteria at Frances, Phoenix's best indie craft fair. It was so fun and I met so many cool people! I even had a few folks come up to my booth and tell me they read my blog!! (Hello Ladies!!) It was so so exciting!

I did not exactly have time to get some really good pictures, which is a total bummer cause there was some seriously cute stuff I know y'all would love. I sold upcycled/repurposed grandpy sweaters and fur collars, and doily bowls filled with vintage ornaments. I was honored to display some things Etsy sent us on my booth. It was fun being able to talk to people about Etsy and the handmade movement.

On Sunday we had a booth at Urban Beans, a really good coffee shop here is Phoenix (7th st just North of Osborn. My friends Andrea and Rebecca work there so be sure to say hello!) It was really fun to spend the day surrounded my all the pretty things in our shop, relaxing after a busy weekend. 

Kenny, one of my partners in the GROWop also runs the urban garden that surrounds our shop (I know, I know I seriously need to tell you all about the GROWop and show you pictures). He brought some veggies for us to package and sell. It was so good to be able to just hang out with Kenny and I am so so excited for where the GROWop is going. I think we've got a pretty special team and I am so thankful for my boys : )

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Anyone celebrate Hanukkah (is that spelled right?)?


  1. Oh hey, I met you at Crafeteria :] I'm Chelsea's friend Gina.

    Your booth was adorable and I love your blog!


  2. Lovely blog - enjoyed reading!

  3. hello : ) your blog is adorable!

  4. i just read your "about" section. i love what you said! i am a graduate student in sociology, trying to find a thesis topic & i have been considering a diy culture exploration. i was just curious what kind of thesis you did on the hadnmade movement. sounds so interesting! i would love any information you could give me : )

    p.s. what was your major?

  5. Hi Gina Marie! It was so nice to meet you! Did you and Chelsea have fun?

    Hi Lee! Hi Lina! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. I love your blog design! It looks awesome! The salt and pepper shakers in your shop are adorable.


  7. This looks like fun! I wish I could've gone. And by the way, I love the bag you've offered for Scissor Quirk's giveaway :). I hope I win that one!


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