Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Boy have I been a busy bee. There is lots of fun stuff in the works around these parts. First, I am working on redesigning my blog with my super talented friend James. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Aaand, I am moving my things into a new shop here in town called the Grow-op.  It's a collective of crafty folks and the best part- its two doors down from my dear friends over at Butter Toast. I am so excited. I have already been so inspired by Josh and Kenny- my buds who will be running the place with me- and all the other artists who have already joined in. This has all been such a learning experience that I am so luck to be able to have. I am learning so much about myself and life. I hope I can learn lots and push myself in creating and in exploring new crafts.

We are set to open this First Friday so if you are local be sure to pop in and say hello! And get psyched for the Pie Social November 13th. It's going to be great! Jasmine of Butter Toast, AJ of the Roose Parlor and Spa, and I will all be baking pies for the event.


  1. Josh was telling me all about this at work and I got super excited for it! I will definitely be checking it out on Friday.

  2. Hi Kristen! I hope it turns out well and is tons of fun. Josh and Kenny are inspiring and I am super excited to have the Anthro influence :) I miss everyone!


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