Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ashley's Merry Beauty School: Rules

There are always lots of rules in the fashion and beauty world. Really silly rules. Like, don't wear white after labor day.

The funny thing is, the rules are really arbitrary. Yet, sometimes people still stick to them. I think it's because there is always someone telling us what we should wear and what's "in" and what's sooo "out". Now I don't think trends are bad or anything. But not all trends are for all people (What I mean is- I think you can kinda tell when people are following a trend but aren't really feeling it). But I think that fashion is like any other art; the fun is in the exploration. Like any other DIY type activity, the fun part is in tinkering and figuring out what works for you. I'll have you know, I have made some bad fashion mistakes (like, BAD). However, all of my oops have really helped me define my specific personal style.

BUUUUT. There is one rule that is and always will be universal. It can make or break any outfit. This one you must NEVER forget.... Wear proper undergarments. It's tragic when an amazing outfit is ruined by lumps and bumps and straps and lines in all the wrong places. 

So throw out all the rules (except one). Go with your gut. *This is (I believe) how I have become so good at thrift shopping. I get in the zone, scan the racks, and wait for something to grab me. You'll look and feel fabulous : )

I love you all!

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  1. Great advice Ashley! I always wear white after Labor day :]


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