Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Counting down the days...

I loooove Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday. Why, you ask? Because Pumpkin pie is my most favorite treat in the world and I love the idea of taking time to reflect on all the things there are to be thankful for!

I have recently realized that I've never really talked about my vegetarianism and, with this delicious holiday approaching, I thought it would be a great time. When I was in college I was so fortunate to be able to take one of the most amazing classes called The Sociology of Food. Before that I had never really given much thought to vegetarianism/veganism. The class taught me so much about the way our food is grown, packaged, cooked, developed, engineered, etc. It was more than enough to send me running in the veggie direction.

I was vegetarian for a while in college but kind of gave up on it. My family and boyfriend (at the time) were big meat eaters and it just seemed easier to go with the flow. After my boyfriend and I broke up, I decided I needed to do something for myself- and that something was become vegetarian again. It was the first thing I did for myself after we broke up and it was the best and easiest thing I've ever done.

Don't take this wrong, but, It wasn't the animal treatment that (initially) inspired my change. We've all seen the footage Peta uses to try and shock people (though I do get teary almost every time I see those things). It was finding out about how food was processed and packaged that sent me over the edge. And, with a grandpa who is a farmer, I was concerned for the well being and sustainability of small farms everywhere.

With vegetarianism under my belt, I am looking now towards becoming vegan (because being vegetarian is just too easy : ). I know its hard but it seems to me to be the least I can do to help have a positive influence on my world. Sometimes it can seem from the outside that vegetarianism/veganism is some militant restrictive diet choice but in reality it's not at all.  The whole point is to do your best. Just because you are vegetarianism/vegan doesn't mean you are perfect. Just going meat/dairy free one week in the year, one day in the week, or just one meal makes a profound impact.

So with Thanksgiving fast approaching I really want to post about my dietary choices, my favorite holiday, and coping with a family meal filled with butter   : )

Here's a video I found from Chicos and Beans, a great local vegan blog.

Rhymes With Vegan - SPECIAL Thanksgiving Episode


  1. hey! I just found your blog via Sometimes Sweet :) I'm also a vegetarian (have been for 14 yrs) and I really enjoyed reading your perspective on the lifestyle. Since I started at age 13, my reasons have changed from simply being appalled at the PETA footage you mentioned, to actually being conscious of things like sustainability of local farmers & also cost to raise animals for meat vs. cost to grow veggies and legumes.

    If I ever did go back to eating meat, I would make a point of only eating from farms I personally knew. The crazy stuff that may end up in factory-farmed food is enough to scare me away forever though!

    Hope your meatless thanksgiving was great & I look forward to checking back on your blog

    xo leanna

  2. Hi Leanna! Thanks for visiting and thanks for your input! The food system is way scary. I totally agree, If I decide to go back to meat I'll certainly stick to local farms. I've been trying to go vegan but it's so hard! There is all kinds of things snuck into food that I never noticed before!

  3. Yes, I love cheese too much to go totally vegan. Also I find it difficult to get lots of protein without eggs/dairy... I recently tried taking protein powder as a supplement & my body rejected it :(... I'm working on eating healthier. My latest discovery is Garde'in brand products (fake chicken strips etc). xo leanna


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