Monday, May 2, 2011

Adventures in Veganism: Chickpea Salad

I just decided right now to start a new "series"; anytime I write about food stuff it shall be called Adventures in Veganism. Woot! (Which also makes me wanna watch Adventures in Babysitting). 

Yesterday I made a super yummy chickpea salad. It's kinda like a vegan version of tuna or egg salad. I was at first suspect but it turned out super yummy.

Here's whatcha do.

Can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
Mustard (grainy, sweet, spicy- whatever you prefer. I used spicy mixed with a little bit of horseradish, mmm.)
Cucumber (or celery. I just don't like celery.)
Sandwich toppings (I used lettuce, tomato, sweet pickles (or mix relish in), and a little bit of avocado)

Pour the chickpeas in a bowl and smash em up real nice. Mix in vegenaise and mustard, diced onion, and cucumber. Load up your bread with your favorite sandwich toppings and plop on a heaping dollop of your chickpea mixture on top. Quick and easy. Nom!


  1. i love this idea for series too! :) and i'm definitely going to try making this, it sounds delicious!


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