Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AZ Blogger Meet-up (PART 2 // IMAGE HEAVY)

I'm back with more pretty pictures from last weekend's AZ blogger meet-up. Read part one here!

Andrea and I met up with the group at the Downtown Public Market and joined the ladies as we explored some of the amazing shops downtown Phoenix has to offer. We popped in to Made Art Boutique and had a nice chat with Cindy, the mastermind behind that great shop and one of the people working hardest to make downtown Phoenix a success (def an inspiration). We had some giggles and ran next door to get coffee before the lady train took off again.

At the GROWop we had some craft activities to do- flower crowns and planter boxes- water, shade, and chairs for people to rest, and of course great shopping at the GROWop and Butter Toast.

 Andrea and her new buddies. Love it.

My business partner and dear friend, Josh and I.

Making flower crowns, flower necklaces, and flower bracelets.

The boys- manning the shop and looking handsome.

Scott taught us how to make these awesome little wooden flower planters.

Josh and Andrea.

Josh getting in the spirit with a flower in his ear.

Kara- I love her.

Andrea thought we should take a prom picture, since she was wearing a corsage and all.

The meet-up was such a success!  I'm bummed I never made it to the dinner part but I'm really glad I could be a part of it. Thanks to Chelsea for being so awesome and letting me have a DIY. and Thanks to Danielle for coming up with this great idea. Now that we've met in "real life" don't be a stranger, k?


  1. What a fun day! It was so great to see you at the GROWop! Thanks for having all of us there. Your shop is so beautiful <3 You're a very inspiring lady! ^_^

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so in love with you. These photos are gorgeous and so accurately capture what a fun day that was! I love that the photo of me you featured here is one in which I have a mouthful of sandwich and I'm giving an awk thumbs up. WOOT!

  3. aw so sad im on the other side of the US. u guys look like u had a great time!

  4. Yay, it was a great time, and I loved meeting new people!

  5. This looks like it was SO much fun!! I love how happy everyone looks...


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