Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AZ Blogger Meet-up (PART 1 // IMAGE HEAVY)

Woot Woo!

The AZ Blogger Meet-up was this past weekend. And it was suuuper fun. It was so awesome to see old and new faces, and get to know some online friends in "real life".
Here's how my day went down. I woke up early, got ready and buzzed over to my buddy Andrea's house. After I picked her up, Andrea and I ran to the store where we picked up some supplies- water bottles, flowers, bananas, raspberries, bagels and tofutti cream cheese (supplies = breakfast apparently, lol). We ran to the GROWop to get everything set  up and lookin all purdy. After we ate our yummy breakfast, we were amped and ready to conquer the day- we began by picking lots of flowers so our blogger buddies could create flower crowns : )
Andrea with her bounty.

Prettyness. After everything was set up, I texted Chelsea to find out where the group was at and Andrea and I zipped over to the Phoenix Public Market.

Me and my favorite- the funniest blogger I know, Kara of Sunshine Cupcakes.

My buddy Kristen of Llena de Moras. (We worked at Anthro together : )

Mandy of Dash it All.
(P.S. Do yourself a favor and watch this. It's so cool I'm prob gonna make a whole seperate post about it.)

Courtney of Phoenix is Haute and Dolly and Boy Jewelry and Kristen looking adorable of course.

Yay! Chelsea of Tea Talk and me.
We walked from the Market to Mercantile where I got a really rad ring for only $8.

At Vintage by Misty.

My buddy Scott, bein awesome and stuff.
There's more coming : )

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  1. Yaaaay! I'm so glad you posted these photos - I took about 3 so I'm feeling pretty happy that someone had the wherewithal to remember to photograph the day!

    Also your compliment was super sweet :) <3


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