Monday, February 21, 2011

Woa... This Weekend [[BIG THANK YOU'S]]

This weekend we had our big fundraiser and it, suprisingly, turned out amazing.

Ya see, here in Phoenix it had been gorgeous and spring-like with temperatures nearing (exceeding?) 80 degrees! We were prepping for the perfect party when- dun dun dun- storms rolled in to ruin everything. We weren't about to let the fundraiser get ruined so we implemented plan b- tents and bonfires. We went to work first thing.

Brandon and Jochy makin' the party rain-proof.

First I met up with my sister, who watched the shop for us and made the cutest signs ever showing peeps where to go for the event. I then went over to Rebecca's- another one of the GROWop's fine and talented members- where we made "jungle juice". I am not well versed in tending bar, if you will, but I've gotta say that our juice was pretty freakin good (it had fresh squeezed tangerine, blood orange, and grapefruit juice!). We tried to sell the recipe at the event but I guess people didn't like it thaaaaat much : )

After we concocted our juice, Rebecca and I decided to brave the weather and we headed outside. We set up the tents- which, in hindsite, we probably should have waited for the boys to get back. It was definitely harder than it needed to be but hilarious. We were struggling, being drenched in the rain and tripping over the mulch in her back yard- it was way fun.

Later the boys arrived and we were able to get up a biiiiiiig tent that sweet Jasmine let us use! Seriously, what a blessing! That girl is awesome and the tent was perfect. 

Hilary, Brandon, and Kenny bein cute and makin it happen.

The weather began to clear up as set up was winding down. Each time we would get a little glimpse of sun I'd get all smilely inside. And even with the poopy weather- we had a great turn out! I totally underestimated how well things would turn out! We raised soooooo much money and are about half way to our goal!!! Seriously unbelieveable.

I wanna thank everyone who came out and donated AND--

Rebecca- for stickin it out with me alllll day : )
Andrea (the friend not the sister)- for being adorable and contributing items for the bake sale and for inviting all your babely friends.
Jesse- for playing rad songs. You're the best and everyone was loving it!
Sun Ghost- for performing even with the poor weather. You guys always pull through and are wonderful friends.
Kenny- for manning the bar, being cute, eating Andrea's treats, just being great.
Josh- being adorable, manning the entry, selling lots of tickets.
Lumberjack- for finding us the ac unit in the first place!!!
Hilary- for juicing the fruits, getting the kegs, tellin' all your friends.
Jasmine- for letting us use your big tent, chairs, extention cords, trash can.
AJ- for coming by even though you were making a wedding party look pretty all day long.
Brandon- for helping us set up that giant tent.
Andrea (the sister)- for being a peach and sitting at the shop so we could all go set up and painting the cutest signs ever. I love youuuu!
Danielle- for being one of my bestest buds and hanging with me all night and making everyone love you and thereby, making me look really cool.
Janessa- for coming to hang after working late. We all love you.

LASTLY-- it's President's Day and everyone I know has the day off! So help me think of an excuse so I can leave work, k ?

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  1. Yuck, you had to work Presidents day?? That stinks I guess I had to too, but my baby is my employer and she doesn't give days off haha jk. Hope you lasted it well!

    The Smith Circle


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