Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Nasty Gal

I have a problem. I'm not good at shopping. Maybe I'm too picky...? Sometimes I find things and think, "Oh this would be cute... if you took off this and changed that." Sometimes nothing catches my eye at all .

The other day I decided to pop into a certain store. I tried on a bunch of stuff only to leave pissed off. All the stuff was cute and had the edge I was lookin for but the cut and style of most of their things just wouldn't work.... and I mean, on anyone (except, of course, cracked-out-skinny models and prepubescent teens). Grrr. Now my style is super vintage-y and girly- I just can't help it, I'm a sucker for ruffles- but I've been wanting to infuse it with a little more spunk. Get more edgy... be tough (P.S. I'm begining to think this might not ever work for me. I'm just too sweet and precious lol : ).

Anyways, I found these looks on Nasty Gal that I think are great. They've got vintage and new and mingle the two together in really lovely and fun ways.

 I'm suuuper into boho/hippie these days. Can't wait for the weather to warm up a little. I need this dress.

This is so adorable. Love the sleeves. And the assymetrical skirt. And that ring.

Perfect transition to Spring outfit.
 How cool would it be if I could wear leather hot pants? All. Day. Long.

Hahaha Notice that these really aren't even edgy at all- but I guess they are to me. I'm tryin to be a little less grandma and a little more funky. Any thoughts or suggestions? What's your favorite thing over at Nasty Gal?

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  1. So cute! I love the simplicity of the first look.


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