Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two more days

Only two more days! What are you doing to celebrate the holidays? For Christmas, my family always goes up to Flagstaff (a city about two hours north of Phoenix). They are expecting quite a little bit of snow! How exciting!! On Christmas eve we always go to church and have a family dinner and watch Christmas movies (I sprinkled in some of our favorites).

This year we are making homemade pizza : ). Then we wake up Christmas morning and, with a cozy fire in the fireplace and hot cocoa in our mugs, we each open our presents one at a time (that's my favorite part- I love seeing people get so happy and excited). After all my worrying and lack of ideas for presents, I actually think I got some decent ones. I am pretty excited and I hope everyone likes them.

Afterwards we have breakfast. My mom always makes this yummy chirizo (or soyrizo for me and my sister) and egg dish thing, a cranberry juice thing, and cinnamon rolls. Later in the afternoon we go over to my grandparents to have a big family get together. It's so fun, expecially with my cousin's kids.

(Secret: My sister and I looooooove Macaulay Culkin... Well, pretty much the whole Culkin clan.)

Because there is like, 16 of us, we began picking names. That way we don't break the bank each year. I got my aunt (Shhh! Don't tell!) and I am so so excited because A) I love her to pieces, B) we are a lot alike, and C) she loves cowboy-ish stuff. I hit the jackpot at this estate sale a while back and got a bunch of really awesome vintage cowboy things and I am so so so excited to give it to her!

After we exchange presents we go home and, usually, watch more Christmas movies. Gotta soak up as much holiday-ness as I can! I hope you all have super special holidays! xxoo


  1. UM, Home Alone is one of my all time FAVORITE movies! My dad and I LOOOVE watching it together so I'm taking it home for Christmas so we can have a good laugh. And Elf? LOVE.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. what festive clips!! thanks for sharing...

    on a sort of related husband and I were watching Prancer a few years ago [when we lived in a pretty terrible neighborhood] and the second the credits began to roll we heard gun shots! It was pretty freaky..


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