Monday, December 20, 2010

I miiiiissssed yooouuu!

I'm back! I had a super fun time in Nashville and met loads of cool folks (with super cute accents). I was really bummed to discover that the camera I brought was missing a memory card : ( Boo. So no pictures. But trust that it was super lovely. It snowed while I was there and we ate cookies and drank cocoa and everyone went sledding (on cookie sheets!I didn't go sledding, though. Of course, this silly ol Phoenix girl was ill-prepared for cold weather).

I got back last week but tried to avoid technology for a bit. It was bittersweet. It was kinda nice to be disconnected for a bit. But I missed you all a whole bunch!!

On a different note- I have spent a while thinking about everything. I have decided to put my Etsy on hold for a bit. I really want to spend more time working on the GROWop and on this blog! If you haven't already noticed, I tend to spread myself a little thin. Aaaand I also tend to be a little all over the place, haha. I think it would be really beneficial for me to refine my goals, hobbies, and style. So I was wondering if you might help me? What do you like about this blog? What would you like to see more or less of?
  • How-tos
  • Fashion/style
  • Vintage
  • Guest posts
  • Art
  • Inspiration
  • Featured bloggers
  • GROWop
  • Series
  • Anything else?
 I really love being able to "spend time" with you folks and would so appreciate your input!



  1. I'm kiiiinda new to your blog but from what i've browsed, my favourite bits are vintage and how-tos, anything cute and crafty...

    i can relate to being a little all over the place too...i tend to work on too many projects at a time, so i understand you want to cut down a bit. good luck with that!
    sylvia from germany

  2. I would love to see all of the above. Where is Merry May anyway? I have been wanting to go super bad but I get completely lost in Phoenix.

  3. I love how-to posts most of all, but inspiration and art features are always fantastic, too! I think you do a wonderful job and I always smile when I come to read your blog. Keep up the good work :)

  4. i am a new viewer to your blog, but absolutely love it already. i particularly like the way you interact with us as viewers, its nice to hear all about your days and i feel like i can relate to you. :)



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