Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday v10

Yippee! This week has been super busy so first and foremost- I'm pretty damn thankful it's already Thursday. I have this *feeling* that things are unlikely to slow down till after the first of the year (eep!) so I am super excited (and thankful) for my girls wine tasting trip this weekend!

Other things I am thankful for:

My bike. My sister brought my bike over this week (it's sorta a bummer having a small car that your bike won't fit into when all you wanna do is bring it to your house and ride it). My bike is just like this but red with a super cute basket so I can go on picnics : )

All the cool things going on in Phoenix this weekend. Saturday's festivities include- The Pie Social at 5th street and Roosevelt starting at 2pm, the Certified Local First Fall Festival from 10am-4pm at Duck and Decanter on Camelback Road, and the Parade of the Arts on Roosevelt Row from 5pm-10pm.

Veterans, of course.

My new computer! I finally got some time to get all my things onto my new computer which means I am finally using it! Yay! I'm in love!

(See my pretty little painted pinkie? It's the best, most prettiest, most Fally color ever. I painted it when I was hangin at the Roose the other day. I need to do the rest!)

What are you feelin thankful for this week? Please share!


  1. What kind of computer did you get Ashley?

  2. I got a Mac Book Pro. I had been saving up for quite a while. It definitely whoops my old hp. And now we can use the hp at the shop!

  3. your bike is a beauty!!! oh so wonderful! i love riding makes me a happy clam! but totally feel i you on the small car...we have a 1965 vw bug nearly impossible to fit a bike in there...basically have to disassemble it!


  4. Woohoooooooo new Macs!!!!!!!!! And yay for that beautiful bike! You are the cutest thing ever.

  5. Hi lovelies.... I just wanna say that i think "thankful thursdays" is a wonderful thing. more wonderful things will happen to you in life if you are appreciative in the present. Sooo....

    Today I am most thankful for my health... i dont always treat my body with kindness, so i am thankful its still going strong. xo

    Oh and just one more, I am so very thankful for my closest pals. I am very lucky to be so rich with good people in my life. loov u


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