Monday, October 25, 2010

Your Pretty Little Ghosts!

Oh my I was so excited to get all your pictures of your pretty ghosts. I had such a fun time doing this little project and I am so happy you folks liked it! I hope we can continue this! Anyways, now that I have professed my love for you all and your mad crafty skills, here are pictures of all of the pretty ghosts people made!

Meghan over at Twisted Tree made these pretty ones- I love the glasses: )

Lisa at Good Knits made this cutie. I love the fabric so much!

Barbara from Mephaela made these- check out that lace! And the monocle!

Kara from Sunshine Cupcakes made these ghosties with the help of some friends. I loooove their faces!

Stephanie of Craft Inspiration made these cute ones with her daughter. The made small ones, put them on the top of pencils and are giving them to her daughter's teachers- brilliant!

Jessica from Chloe the Doxie Love made these pretty girls. Look at their cute little mouths!

Be sure to check out these ladies' lovely blogs and say hello!

Thanks again to everyone. I love you all to pieces! Have a fabulous Monday : )


  1. I loved making them, I made one for a friend of mine and she loved it! I have some ideas for other holidays as well! Thanks again for this tutorial, I have a blast!

  2. Great success!!!! I'm so glad so many people participated! Thanks for coordinating this craft, we had a blast <3


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