Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Merry May Farm, I Trade Handmade, and More!

Announcing the new and improved, Merry May Farm!!

So... I don't know if you remember but I talked a while back about how I was working on making some changes around here. Long story short- I have been working really hard over the past year or so at making changes in my life. I am working at figuring out what is important to me and how to put those things first- how to create a life I am passionate about. Well one of the things I really wanted to do was revamp my Etsy shop. I created it a loooong time ago- kind of on a whim- then neglected it since. So I've been working hard to fill it with things I love. As many of you, I really want to be able to create a life for myself through blogging, creating, and collecting- my favorite things.  I know its a long, tough road ahead but good things are worth fighting for.

One a similar note, I am proud and excited to announce that I jumped on the "I Trade Handmade" bandwagon. If you don't already know about it, "I Trade Handmade" was conceived over at Under Those Neon Lights (awesome blog) and offers a whole list of amazing crafters willing to trade their handmade goods! This is so fun and I am happy to be part of it for various reasons. In fact, I have a little challenge coming up later this week that should explain more.

P.S. If you find something in my shop you can't live without, be sure to include (in the message to the seller part) that you are my blog friend. I'll include a super special present for you : )

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  1. YAY Congrats on re-vamping your shop! It looks great Ashley! PS We really need that coffee date. Maybe this weekend?


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