Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Check out my new button!

I am so excited for my new little button designed by the unbelievably talented Leigh-Anne of Freckled Nest (LOOK to the right--->). She designed it for the ad space I got on Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess. Both of these ladies are beautiful, have incredible taste, and are amazing artists and crafters and I feel so fortunate to be able to occupy a tiny space in their bloggy/crafty/artsy worlds. I suggest you head over ASAP to check out their blogs.


OH! And I would love it if you would put my adorable button on your blog or site. XOXO


  1. Leigh-Anne made your blog button? How neat! :]

  2. Oh yes they both are amazing ;)

  3. hey! it's good advertising, i found you, and your blog is so cute!

    XO Jill


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