Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ms. Reed

I've come to realize I may or may not be a stalker. I mean not in a scary, lock your doors and grab your mace kinda way. I have become totally obsessed with flickr (especially wardrobe remix and the 365 pics) but it seems a little wierd to be such a voyer. It's wierd because I almost feel like I know these people or can relate to them, meanwhile I have never spoke to them or even commented on their photos... instead I silently observe their lives and forge secret relationships inside my mind. Anyways, I have become slightly obsessed with Ms. Reed. Not only does she have the CUTEST button tattoo I've ever seen but in a lot of her pictures she writes super interesting comments like this that really make me think;

"I just refuse to settle for anything less than perfection... but no matter the reason, it is how I am. And until someone absolutely extraordinary comes along that is capable of going toe to toe with me in a battle of wits, passion, creativity, spirituality... I'd rather be alone. Because I don't doubt my worth and I don't need to be validated by any other human being. I have the luxury of being able to love life while being alone. I have times that I doubt this... but they always end, usually when my heart is disturbed by the actions of another."

Check it out here.

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