Friday, February 13, 2009

Back at it!

Hmmm, WOW. I have not been on for a long time! A lot of things have happened recently... my fiance and i broke things off- well really he left me high and dry without thinking about anything but his own feelings and saving face. But its been two weeks now and I am feeling ok about things. Yeah this situation sucks but I am thinking about all the interesting things I want to do. Here is the list:
1. Take a tap dancing class.
2. Go back to school for my masters- I am looking into distance learning programs so I can work at the same time and practically pay off school as I go along. I'm looking at secondary ed with certification or english- OR if I decide to go to the school i can do english with secondary ed certification.
3. Learn to play the piano.
4. Start selling on the sight I set up months ago but have never used.
5. Find a blogging job that I can do on my own time to continue writing and meet new people.
6. Take yoga! I have literally been talking about it forever but never seem to get around to it- sounds familiar- like my consistancy in writing this blog.
7. Meet new people.
8. Learn to feel confident in my decisions. All the things I want to do I end up talking myself out of. Having a family filled with conservative business folk, its often hard to think about investing time and energy into things that are supposed to come last on the ladder of priorities- things that are supposed to be just hobbies.
9.WOW thinking about it think I also need to work on not doubting myself and feeling more confident.

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