Monday, September 12, 2011


I have this amazing friend named AJ. She's super funny and very talented and we've got a lot in common. A couple weeks ago I went over to her house to hang and she began to tell me about her adventures in juicing. I was nervous at first to try her juice mixture which she called her "gross green juice". But it wasn't gross at all. It was so yummy and I've been dreaming about it since. My dear friend got stoked on juicing after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. So after ardent suggestion I finally watched it this weekend. It's a pretty decent flick and has some really interesting info in it.

So now I too am stoked on it and I'm dying to get a juicer. I need the gross green juice stat! I don't need anything big and fancy and, in fact, would prefer a simple, smaller model. I've been checking out these two versions but I thought I'd throw it out there to the blogosphere to see if any of you have thoughts/suggestions/experience with this. Any help would be just lovely : )




  1. we love juice! we totally pulled out our juicer after watching that movie too! haha! its pretty inspiring. we were juicing a ton before we moved, but now that we're here and things are kind of sort of crazy, we haven't been doing it at all. its pretty crazy how you feel after drinking freshies every day though! let me know if you want any recipes, we're pretty big experimenters. ;)

  2. I have no advice to offer about juicers, however - I am a documentary fan, and will probably check this out, so thanks for the heads up!
    First time here - off to browse some more!


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