Monday, July 25, 2011

My Baby

Well, we went out to Oklahoma to pick it up! (we actually picked it up some time ago and I'm just now posting about it. Oops!) Anyways, I'm pretty much in love. I've not loved something so much since I got my Iphone (Haha, kinda sorta kidding. But also kinda not : ).

Here's a buncha photos from our trip! Yay!

Humphrey and I- Ready to go!
Boooredom = taking weird pictures.
Tipi- AZ.
Water park- somewhere in TX.
NM had so many great old signs.
We made it!! (Notice those floral cushions in the trailer. They're gonna need to go.)
Bored again.
Tipi- AZ.
Sign- OK.
My Baby!!

I'm so stoked and can't wait for it to cool down a bit to begin working on it. First task- painting the interior. It's unfortunate that the previous owner painted over the pretty wood walls. But... Whatcha gonna do? The worst part is that the interior (weird fleshy peach color) and the exterior (vibrant yellow) clash. Each is pretty but not together.

 Down the road I would love to paint the exterior a minty color.

That's what's guiding my choice for the interior. I'm thinking pretty golden white color.
Thoughts? Ideas?


  1. Adorable Shasta! I love the minty green, anything light will probably be best in a little space. Good luck :)

  2. Oh My Ashley.. I didn't know you owned a trailer! I'm in love. I want one of my own some day! I can't wait to see it finished. The mint is beautiful.


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