Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Somebody Graduated [SO MANY PICTURES]

That's right! My super awesome, super hilarious, super attractive sister totally graduated high school. That's right world- WATCH OUT. Baby girl's a legit adult (kinda) and we're going wild. She's so boss.

 Senior pics by Angelina Rose Photography
 Before Graduation, being a dementor.

Graduation was on Friday afternoon and the whole crew showed up for support. My mom pretty much blew it (or so she kept saying... truth is, everything was fine) and forgot batteries for the camera and the flowers.  Luckily I had my rad zoom lens from Photojojo.

The freakin ceremony blew my mind. There was something like 350+ kids and they blew through em so fast- I'm lucky I even caught it when they called Andrea's name. Seriously like, 40 mins max.

We even got a pretty cool performance. (Yeah, that shaking is from me laughing).

Friday night we went to my grandparents for a SUPRISE wedding shower for my favorite cousin and his fiance. It was most of the family's first time meeting Kellie and her little boy Cayden and it was cool we got to bombard her with meeting like a billion people. I spent some time flying Cayden around in circles so I'm pretty sure he likes me, which was my goal for the night. WIN!
 Matt and Kellie
 Cousin-in-law Jason with baby Kaylin, my best friend :) .
Riley was sick. I just love this picture. Poor buddy.

Saturday was the big graduation party. I ran around in the morning grabbing the food and special goodies for the event. We had the best spread- for reals- wraps, salad and pasta salad from That's A Wrap (one of my favorite local restaurants and, coincidentally, the same thing I had for my high school graduation party), my sister's favorite pudding from True Food Kitchen (it's vegan, gluten free and unbelieveable), and 3 gallons of horchata. Not to mention rad folks and a custom playlist! BEST. PARTY. EVER.

Even R.Pats showed up.

Oh! AAAND! My dear sister got me a graduation party present.
She made this picture I'd been drooling over for ages. She got it framed all pretty for me, so I can always remember her.

Anyways, I was gonna tell you about our sweet Memorial day hangs but I'll tell ya about it later. And come back cause I've got a heart wrenching, tear inducing letter to my sis coming in the next few days! AWWWE.

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  1. Awe, congrats to the grad! Everyone always glows at their graduation :)


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