Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What. A. Weekend.

Hii!!! How was your weekend? I hope is was wonderful. It was a nice mellow weekend.

Saturday my baby girl went to prom! Woot! I made the trek over their side of town and met my sister at the salon where she was getting her hairz and makeupz did. It was sooooo sooooo good to see my old buddies Drea (in black) and Ryanne (whose got the cutest little baby belly ever). Drea makes me laugh so hard and I love her to pieces.
Drea did an awesome job on Andrea's hair and makeup (she even put some pretty eyelashes on me so I could be fancy). Andrea rarely wears makeup... or does her hair for that matter... but she looked amazing and not overdone- like a billion bucks. Her friend Tyler was her date. So cute. They went to Cibo for dinner then on to prom.
Sunday!! Sunday was Of Montreal at the Marquee!
 If you recall, Andrea and I went to see them for Halloween and had an epic time. I had origionally bought like a thousand tickets (ok, 4). One was meant to be for my bud Jasmine but come noon on Sunday she texted me saying she was sick and couldn't go. Such a bummer. However, it worked out ok because my sister's crew (who are the funnest/funniest kids I know) had all planned to go but none had tickets yet.
 I told my BFF Danielle to buy a ticket and was super stoked when she did. We danced our asses off and got glitter crazy (it was EVERYWHERE. Even found it in my shoe the next day... not the shoes I wore to the show... after I took a shower). I seriously love a good show. I love dancing crazy and getting covered in sweat, jumping up and down like a crazy person and using the people around me to help me stay standing up (yeah, I'm that asshole). It gets the endorphins pumpin like crazy and I feel amped for days afterward. So good.

Painted Palms played first. They were way rad. Here's my sister being silly.

Of Montreal

They played one of my fave's, Plastis Wafers. I started taking a video but became drunk on the beat and had to put my phone away so I could start jumping.
Listen to it here.

Anyways, Thanks for popping in. Hope you had a super awesome weekend.


  1. Haha! I went to see Of Montreal on Saturday at the Avalon in Hollywood! My husband and I didn't even know the band but went because they seemed to put up a great show. We had a wonderful time! So much fun! I posted about our experience on Monday, hehe.

    Have a nice week!


  2. just now when i was reading your post i wished i could hug you and jump up and down with excitement for finally meeting in real life...i hope thats not too bold...i am kind of overflowing with love right now. haha! one day we will meet and it will be awesome!...hopefully on your gypsy caravan of dreams tour. ;)


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