Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Man.

My past week or so has been SO very BUSY. (Which you've probably noticed from my lack of posting last week.... I missed you : ( ). It nice to keep busy but sometimes I get so overwhelmed I just want to do nothing and hide away in my house for a while.

This weekend was jam packed. One thing I did was help at my friend's over at Butter Toast Boutique,  Jasmine and Traci's photo shoot. It was a boho, gypsy-themed editorial shoot out in Peoria. I got there (late) around 7am- models had to be there at 5! Eep! All my buds were there gettin pretty. We headed out to this awesome little spot Jasmine found. It was this pretty, green area off the canal and was the perfect backdrop for what the ladies were trying to achieve. While the talented photographer Angela Simpson was hard at work, I snapped some photos of my own to give you a sneak peek of all the prettyness. All the folks involved were super great and super fun. I can't wait for you to see the real pictures.

I love this one.
My buddy Jaz, bein cute and soakin it in.

Anyways, I'm thinking (hoping, praying, putting out good vibes) that this week will be a tad more mellow and I'll have much more time to do happy things. Cross your fingers. Oh aaaand guess what?? I'm starting school today.... Yikes.

How was your week/weekend? Talk to me people! I miss you.


  1. Have a lovely day at school!!! I love the first day of school. Your notebooks are new, everything is still organized, and there is so much potential. I might be biased as a teacher, but whatever! haha have fun! Make new friends!

  2. The shoot this weekend was so much fun. Thanks for being there lady and taking cute snap shots. xxoo

  3. i can't wait to see the finished photos! this looks so amazing and it would have been incredible to be there!


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