Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: J Crew

I must be jonesing for new clothes lately. The coming of spring (Yay yay yay!!) always makes me wanna splurge and buy a whole new wardrobe. I keep finding sooooo much fashion inspiration and tons of stuff I want! And the pretty weather we've been blessed with here in Phoenix lately only makes me crave spring/summer fashions moooore! Luckily, I hate shopping- going to the store, browsing around, trying things on- (which is kinda strange cause I loooove thrifting which requires much more effort probably. Hmm- weird)- so I'm not goin' broke with all the spring prettiness poppin' up these days... YET.

Check out J Crew's Spring/Summer 2011 line. Oh man, I would wear pretty much every single thing here.

 Oh how I love her hairs and lips together.

 This look is perfection.

On the right- The denim. The brown socks. The bright lips. Eep!

P.S. On a somewhat unrelated note, do you kinda hate that fashion moves so quickly? What I mean is, I hate that spring is just popping it's little head up and we're recieving coverage of fall/winter lines! Yeah, so I understand that those in the biz gotta be way ahead of their game- I get it, I do.  But I don't wanna hear about it. It sucks. I, for one, want to enjoy the season at hand. Be in the moment. Aaaand plus, I can't have any of the cute fall things right now anyways... what a tease.

This video will make you wanna turn up the heat and don a spring-y dress.

Hope you're just peachy. How was your weekend??

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  1. I love J. Crew too. current but not overly trendy. too bad I am poor poor poor.


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