Friday, March 18, 2011


I almost never remember my dreams. The few times I do they are always suuuuper weird and make me wonder what the heck is going on in my subconcious. Where's Freud or Jung when I need em?

Aside from my dream last night, there are three dreams I remember- like, from my whole life. First (youngest) (this is the only one I remember the circumstances surrounding it)- I was little and super sick one Easter weekend. I dreamt that everything in the whole world was made/composed of jelly beans. Even my mom and dad. My baby sister was a tiny pink one.

Second- I have always been incredibly in love with Macaulay Culkin- even when he had that weird relationship with Michael Jackson or when he was lookin way creepy. I had this dream that we were on a family vacation in Hawaii. My dad and I swam out to this cafe which was basically and island out in the middle of the ocean. But the coolest thing was that the cafe/island was an old airplane with a weird dock/patio thing for people to dine outside. So we are exploring this (somehow giant) airplane when all of a sudden people freak out. Turns out, there is a bomb onboard the plane and we all need to get out as quick as possible but I can't find my dad. Suddenly, my love appears and saves me.

(I love you buddy)

Third (brace yourself cause this one is awful)- I am on another family vacation and the hotel we are at has this amazing, beautiful pool. We are all jumping off our balconies into the pool and having an awesome time. When it comes to my dad's turn, he does this fancy flippy thing before, suddenly, the pool dissapears and my dad goes crashing to his death (I woke up crying).

Fourth (last night)- In my dream, my parents keep calling me and asking me to come over and see their new dog.  I'm super suprised that they would get another dog so, of course, I go over. There are like, a billion people there for some reason (I guess to meet the puppy..?). So they introduce me to the dog, Taylor.... which was a four year old little blonde girl. But all we could talk about was how Taylor was such an awful name for a dog.

(our puppies- Taylor and Humphrey)

Analyze that.


  1. Hahaha, nice picture of Taylor and Ashley ;)

  2. Bahaha I remember being little and having a dream where I was the lollipop Princess from the Candyland board game! Woke up really pissed off not to be surrounded by a Lollipop land! What's with little girls and candy? ha! Hope the GROWop had a successful weekend!


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