Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GROWop Video Tour

Last week I made this silly little video while playing with my new Iphone. I used the 8mm app- which is super duper fun and you should totally get it if you don't already have it. Take a looksy.


Wanna help us survive the blazing Arizona summer? Go here to read more about our fundraising efforts!


  1. i like the layout a lot! it changed since i saw it last (before Christmas >.<) i need to stop by again and do something shopping. super cute video <3

  2. It all looks so lovely! Are you guys looking for more stuff? WOuld love to add if you want..
    So proud of you guys and miss you so.

  3. Cute Ash! I'm totally going to make a Butter Toast knock off version of this :) Teehee.

  4. I LOVE this little peek!! I linked to you and borrowed your video to post on my blog tonight - hope that's okay! :) So happy to be a part of the GROWop!!

  5. With a chance of- haha yeah we move things around a lot!! But yes! Come in and visit!

    Corky- I'll talk with the boys and let ya know : )

    BTB- Let's do it!!

    Katy- Of course! Aaaand- the donuts are a hit. We've sold a few already.


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