Monday, January 24, 2011

GROWop Photo Tour Part 1

Today is the day! It's time for a photo tour of the GROWop, the co-op I run with my buddies Josh and Kenny. Stop back tomorrow for part two!

Hope you had a great weekend : )


  1. very cool stuff! looks like a great place :)

  2. What a darling little place! You must be having so much fun there. How many people work there?

  3. ooo growop, do tell more! pretty photos btw :)

  4. It looks lovely. I have been wanting to get down there. I still have the cute flyer you gave me at Crafeteria.

  5. Thanks everyone!! We have been working really hard on our little place. We do have a lot of fun there : ) The boys are totally inspiring!

    Sarah Darlene!! Hello! Long time no talk. Yeah come by the shop! I'm there Thursdays and this Saturday.


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