Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did you know...

For every $100 spent at a national chain only $43 stays in the community. If that same $100 is spent at locally owned independent stores $68 stays in the community.  

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and everything in between coming up it's important to think about these things. I try to do my best to buy local or handmade as much as possible. Not only does shopping local keep that much needed money in your local community but its way fun to meet people and get involved in your community. I began shopping at a local vintage boutique called Butter Toast Boutique a while back. I met the lovely owners, became friends and got involved. Now I help style at some of their photo shoots and I got to help out at their fashion show. I've met tons of local business owners and made lots of friends. I even moved into a new shop (The GROWop! Pictures to come) with the most amazing guys- right on their very street. I honestly don't think this would have happened without the help and influence of the Butter Toast ladies.  


And of course, you should totally buy handmade this holiday season. There are so many amazing craftsmen out there making unbelievable things. I mean, I often find things on Etsy that just blow me away- like daily. And, without getting into a tirade, I get so frustrated at how shitty things are made now-a-days. Handmade things are created with so much more detail. And the cool thing is, if there is a problem the creator is usually more than happy to work with you. Why buy cookie cutter stuff from a big box store when you can have something that is truly made with lots of thought and love?


And while you're at it, Pledge Handmade. I did it and you should to. It makes you feel like you're doing something awesome (and you are : )!


Butter Toast Boutique and Merry May Farm are having BIG Cyber Monday sales so be sure to check it out! And if you're local, stop Butter Toast and The GROWop this weekend for super fun sales! It's gonna be great!


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