Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ashley's Merry Beauty School

Hello Class! Welcome to your first day at Ashley's Merry Beauty School. I thought it would be best to begin by telling you a little about myself and why I am qualified to teach you about beauty.

Ever since I was a wee one

I was super artsy and that included an interest in fashion, style and beauty. Fashion and beauty had a big part in my life. My grandma


(isn't she cute?!) who played a big part in raising my cousin and I while our parents worked, would allow us to delve into the magical abyss that was her closet. She let us experiment with her makeup and examine her fashion catalogues. We learned so much about fashion and it implanted a deep interest in the both of us (my cousin even went to FIDM).

Living in Phoenix made it kind of hard to be a fashionista, but I found my own ways of standing out from the crowd; in 6th grade I was adamant about getting Lisa Loeb glasses (which I got but was so nervous about wearing- you know how kids can be). 


Early in High School I became obsessed with vintage after finding the most fabulous vintage store in downtown Phoenix. From there I began exploring the local fashion scene and started going to every fashion show around town.

Through all my exploration I have certainly made some mistakes (ok so I went through a pretty Emo stage there- there are definitely some pictures I'd like to burn!) but there are other times that I am actually kinda impressed with my foresight. I think the experimentation is what has helped me refine my personal style.

So here are just some of the topics I will cover:

Essential beauty rules
Developing your style
Throwing away the rules
Risks and Rewards

Is there anything else you would like me to delve into? Any specific styles? And particular topics? Let me know!

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