Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ashley's Merry Beauty School: Risk Takin

Have you ever taken a fashion risk that ended up being a total bust? (I feel like high school tends to be chock full of these moments- for me at least haha). Sometimes you go out on a limb and it turns out to be a total failure. Other times it's a hit! There are tons of celebrities that have made crazy fashion choices- some tragic and others ingenious. 

And as much as we like to criticize, I often really respect folks who take big fashion risks (And let me just make note that a fashion risk is liken to Bjork wearing that duck dress- or whatever it was- and not Lindsay Lohan flashin her no no spots in a publicity stunt). 

Here are some famous ladies who take big risks and- sometimes- gain great rewards. 

Gwen Stefani- This lady has always had an unbelievable sense of style. She has taken some big risks and, usually, it pays off for her (let's just say the 90's weren't too good for most people). Once, when I was in high school or junior high I dressed up as Gwen Stefani for super hero day.

Nicole Richie- I think Nicole Richie has the cutest style! Ok so she's certainly had some tragic moments (Think the Simple Life. P.S. I loved that show : ), but hey, she took a chance and has thereby developed phenomenal style. 

Katy Perry- I totally love Katy Perry's style but I could certainly see how some people would question some of her fashion choices. I mean, she wears hot pants and rompers like 24-7. But she is adorable and has a very distinct sense of style that is recognizable and seems to fit her personality.

Madonna- Well of course. This lady can make anything look cool. She has taken many a fashion risk in her day. With all that risk taking under her belt, though, she can seriously pull off nearly anything.


So go ahead and take some risks. Fashion is supposed to be fun and experimental. Pushing your boundaries and wearing something wild makes life exciting and helps  you to develop your personal sense of style. Big risks= Big rewards.

Have you ever taken a fashion risk? What's the wildest outfit you've worn?

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