Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today was crazy!

I was so so happy when I went for my walk this morning. There were these huuuge, dark clouds and the wind was blowing and I almost needed a sweater! It was amazing. Then at lunch, the storm got intense- the roads turned to rivers and it dropped like 20 degrees! It was hailing like crazy and water was leaking into the restaurant where we were eating. (I should also say that up until now we have been stuck with triple digit temps still!).

When we got back to work it was CHAOS! The roof on the north side of the building gave it from the weight of the water. There was water everywhere and most of the office workers and most of the managers from the shop were working at getting the water out- sweeping, squeegeeing, wet vac-ing.

It sucked, of course, but it was really great to see everyone working so hard for our little family like company. The guys from the shop even had a little pizza picnik after all the clean up.

It's still raining. I kinda love it but here in Phoenix folks don't know what to do when these things happen- we get tons of wrecks and things like that. So I suppose I'll stay in for the rest of the night! I hope you had an eventful day : )


  1. oh my stars! our friends were supposed to be in town today from phoenix but they called saying they wont be in until tomorrow because all the planes are grounded at sky harbor! we were like...yeah right arizona...what is it, a little rain? but this clears it up! hail? thats insane!!

  2. Oh my! Yes the hail was covering the ground like snow! After I left work I guess they got giant golf ball sized hail! For a second they thought it broke a coworkers windshield! I hope your friends get out soon!

  3. This was our first big storm we've experieced while living here in Phoenix. We lost power for quite and while and from the looks of your photo that hail was HORRIBLE! I'm glad you guys pitched in and got it cleaned up. In my old home town we've experianced some pretty bad weather and I was always glad to get a little help from my friends. I'll take this over 30 inches of snow any day though!!!!! ^_^ Best Wishes! Kat

  4. Kat- Glad to hear you survived the storm! Hope no damage was done.


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