Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Lessons Part 1

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Danielle wrote this really fabulous and enlightening post called "10 Things I've Learned in My 20s". I had written in my journal quite some time ago life lessons I always wanted to remember and, since Danielle's post was so lovely, I thought it would be fun to share some of my lessons with you. Be sure to head over to Danielle's blog and read parts one and two. You will love it.

You are always stronger than you think. Sometimes things happen to us that we never could have imagined or planned for. These are the times when we surprise ourselves and realize our limitations aren't what we thought they were.

The world would be a boring place if we were all the same. My great grandpa always says this and it's one of my favorites. Its funny that we spend so much time growing up trying to be like everyone else. As we get older and more mature, I think we come to realize how powerful and exciting people's quirks can be! Though I am, of course, continually working on accepting and appreciating my own quirks, it has become clear to me that if we pretend to be something we are not, our lives will be filled with people who are not right for us; people who cannot build us up and help us become what we were meant to be.

Show gratitude in everything. This one can be pretty hard sometimes. Sometimes I find myself (Gah! I don't even want to admit this!) thinking oh poor me. I think, I am a good and hardworking person so why don't I have this, or why doesn't my life look like that, or I would be happier if... While everyone deserves to have a boohoo pity day once in a while, we can't expect good things to come to us if we are not grateful for the lives we already have.

Creating happiness for others creates happiness for yourself. Ok so I don't want to sounds like a  nostalgic old lady or go off on a rant but let's get real- now-a-days people are totally selfish. And I don't blame the individual person because that's just how things are. Culture and society have created this in us. While I do think that being selfish is good to a degree (read more about this tomorrow), back in the day communities thrived because folks were looking out for one another, they respected each other. Truth is, we need each other!  Helping others and making them happy not only spreads the love and makes the world a better place, it makes you happy too!

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