Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Four Simple Goals Revisited

We have decided to do craft night more often and I am so excited. Craft night will now be every other Wednesday (the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month) from 5-8pm at 908 N. 6th Street (at Butter Toast Boutique).

That means A) more time to hang with my favorite crafty folks, and B) built in time for working on my four simple goals.

Goal three was to spend more time being creative. I've been doing pretty good with this goal. In fact, today I printed out a weekly craft journal to make crafting appointments each day.  So, while I spend a lot of time holed up at home creating, its gonna be great to share and be inspired by others.

Goal four was to bake more. Having craft night every other week gives me a reason to make delicious treats. And since my dear friend is vegan, I am really excited to challenge myself to master vegan baking.  Yahoo!

OOOOH Idea! How do you feel about a blog craft night? If your interested let me know by comment or email and I'll work out the logistics : )

I also wanted to extend a warm welcome to new followers. I've gotten quite a few more followers of the past week or so and I'm so excited! Thanks so much for your support. I can't wait to get to know you!


  1. love your blog craft night idea:) i'll be there! organizing a craft night for me and my girlfriends is on my long list of to do's... but i'm a procrastinator! right now would be a great time to start one up though, with all of the holidays coming!

  2. i am totally down for a blog craft night!! let me know how to!

  3. A blog craft night sounds like a load of fun! Good work on your 4 goals! i need to revisit mine too!

  4. You are a genius - I was JUST thinking about writing a follow-up post to the 4 simple goals and check in with my own progress. I love that you're sticking with it and I'm reaping the benefits ;)

  5. Ooooh how exciting. Let me see how I can make a virtual craft night happen. How great would that be?!

    Emma- You should revisit them! And share the link so I can see :)

    Kara- You are the silliest! I wanna become an amazing baker- so you can be the taste tester, k?


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