Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funk Off!!!

I got an email a few weeks ago from the adorable Michelle of Funk Off!! telling me all about her amazing vegan soaps. I am a total sucker for handmade soaps so I was instantly intrigued. Plus, the adorable name definitely piqued my attention. And after hearing they were vegan and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging I was sold!

I was surprised to to receive a big box filled with goodies! And when I opened it, it smelled so good. Not only do the soaps smell amazing but they have this little layer of apricot seed for a gentle exfoliation. And the lotion was amazing too; hydrating but not thick or sticky. My favorite smell is Lavender Vanilla but Sandalwood Vanilla is not far behind, mmm.

Be sure to spread the word about the Merry May Handmade blog and the giveaway (the winner will be chosen on Friday!) so that you can try out these amazing eco and animal friendly products! Now I am off to get me some Lavender Vanilla body spray!

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