Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Alexandra Grecco

I'd have to say that I am pretty picky when it comes to fashion, design, and aesthetics. I'm the type of person who definitely judges a book by it's cover. Every time I go shopping I am disappointed; I'm always uttering "I would like it if it didn't have these buttons" or "I wish the clasp was different" and on and on. But the clothes designed by Alexandra Grecco are, literally, perfect.

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Perfect, right?


  1. these are totally perfect!
    i agree. : )


  2. I JUST now got around to reading your email. It was lost amongst the read and forgotten ones :( But of course you definitely should participate in I trade handmade! Your blog is lovely, and I am adding you to the list!

  3. Lydia- Isn't it lovely? I want one of those bows!

    Ashley- No worries I know how things can be : ) I'm so excited to be added! Thanks!!


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