Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sunshine Award

Oh my word! Can you believe it?! The lovely J*Marie from Sunshine Kisses gave me an award! I am honored!


[1.] Put the award on your blog or in a post

[2.] Pass the award to 12 bloggers

My Favorites:

The Snail and the Cyclops

Cute Stew

Playing Grownup

My Girl Thursday

Cut and Paste

Heart Handmade

Thompson Family Life

Common Threads

Strumpets crumpets

Little Gold Lemons


Love Elycia

These blogs inspire me every time I read them. They are filled with beautiful things, fun how-to's, and heart warming stories. They are not to be missed!

[3.] Link the nominees with your blog

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[5.] Share the ♥ and link the person who gave it to you!


  1. thank you so much! you are too sweet :)

  2. thank you so much for including us!!

  3. :) awwww thank you!!! You're so sweet!! I'm honor to be in a list of such awesome gals! Thank you!

  4. You are all so inspiring! Keep it up :)


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