Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi there! I am finally back and while it was great to have a vacation, I did miss blogging regularly and reading all of your lovely blogs. Had there been better access to the internet I would have surely posted more. But I must admit, it was kind of nice to focus on the moment and people at hand without the distraction of technology (no access to internet and a non-working phone).

We landed in Dulles on Friday and rushed to meet my best friend Lindsay for dinner in Washington DC!

It was sooo good to see her. On Saturday the whole family took a quick tour of DC- me being their tour guide (yikes!) since I was the only one who had been there.

I found this super neat drawing by the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

We then drove to Gettysburg. It was my favorite part of the trip!

I love all the history and old buildings. We even got to go to the re-enactment on Sunday the 4th of July. It was amazing.

After a few days, we traveled to Virginia Beach where we just lounged and played on the beach.

It was great and super special since we were celebrating my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! (They honeymooned in DC, Gettysburg, and Virginia Beach!) Anyways, I had better go cause I have a lot of blog reading to do- I've gotta be current with my daily reads : )

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  1. SO glad that you had such a great trip and got to see your best friend!


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