Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm so thankful!

The past two days I have been so filled with thankfulness. Not only did I get the most adorable and thoughtful present EVER from my bud Chelsea of Tea Talk (there are tons of photos to come) but my blog was written about on the Phoenix New Times's Jackalope Ranch culture blog!! I was so suprised and excited. Shoot, I'm still psyched!

Lilia Menconi writes:
There is nothing that will make us happier than a blog that looks really, really pretty.

For that very reason, Merry May Handmade just made our day.

Actually, the blog makes many of our days as it is frequently updated by Merry May Handmade founder and passionate crafter, Ashley Eaton.

Eaton is obviously nuts about the Handmade movement (she wrote her undergrad thesis on the subject) and has made it a personal goal to foster the movement in Phoenix.

Read more here.

Wow. Well I just wanted to thank you all for sharing with me and inspiring me with all your fancy blogs and creations!

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  1. Awwh, I'm just so glad that you loved everything<3


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