Monday, June 14, 2010

Etsy Tribute II

You might not know this but I am obsessed with housewares- probably more than clothing even. That's why I love Etsy's There's No Place Like Here series. It showcases the crafty homes and workspaces of Etsians. There are all kinds or things to see and get inspiration from. The series certainly points to the diversity of the DIY community. Here are two of my favorite videos from the series featuring some of my very most favorite shops and blogs.

The Snail and The Cyclops is an incredible blog that I have been fascinated with for some time. The author has such a refined aesthetic that is just gorgeous. Her Etsy shop is filled with amazing vintage finds that just blow me away each time I shop! Not to mention she has some of the most lovely hair I've ever seen.

Something's Hiding in Here is another of my most favorite Etsy shops. They are super fun and modern and seem to have tons of fun ideas in the works. Make sure you pay attention to the flowered thing that has the United States cut out of it. I L O V E! And check the blog.

Find more neat videos at Etsy's youtube channel.

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