Thursday, May 20, 2010

Renegade Recap 1

Renegade’s first annual craft fair in Austin was such a blast! I wish you all could have come with. I was so inspired and I now have a very big list of things to make. Everyone was so great and had so many amazing things to offer.

When I got there I was greeted by the lovely Renegade booth filled with tons of freebies and the cutest owly things you ever did see.

They were giving away issues of Uppercase magazine (which I highly suggest you check out) and Juxtapoz; both filled with inspiring things.

They also had a great give away- a bag screen printed with the Handmade Nation logo and filled with crafting supplies (cross your fingers I win it!).

When I walked in I was so overwhelmed! There was so much to see and everything was eye-catching. I decided to make a quick round to check everything out then head back to do some in depth investigating. Well, by the time I had finished my first round the day had come to an end!

Not only did Renegade Austin feature tons of amazing crafters, it also had several DIY booths, a FREE (!) photo booth, and the Minor Mishap marching band.

At The WonderCraft, an amazingly adorable vintage airstream turned craft store and studio, I "tricked out some timber". After we used tape to do a photo transfer, we could use buttons, beads, ribbon and more to fancify our timber. They even had pin backs to make pins out of our creations!

I made a cute peacock applique at the Stitch Lab booth, which had rotating lessons all day. There I also got to meet the adorable Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club and make rings with her stash of fancy supplies (she seriously poured out a huge box of buttons, pogs- remember those?!-, and other chotchkies. It was great).
In the corner of another booth I saw this sign.
There I met John.

Taking after his crafty mama, He drew me the best picture- a cat with a ball of yarn and a cat in the background laying on a couch. And the best part? ALL OF IT WAS GREEN. I told him it was my favorite color and he definitely did not disappoint.

Finally, I got to meet the lovely Elsie of Red Velvet Art and A Beautiful Mess.

I recently took her online Indie Biz class and it is what gave me the courage to start up Merry May Handmade. She was the sweetest!

Anyways, after all this I think it best that I split the Renegade coverage into two posts. So stop by tomorrow to see my other pictures I took and find out about some of the fun things I got.


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  1. Looks like so much fun! Love all the cute owl stuff!


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