Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Poem

Here is a poem I liked that I found on Matthew Christopher Davidson's blog. It's both clever and funny.


if I can call you girl...

can I call you girl?

perhaps I should not. to do so would establish a hierarchy between us based
on colonial notions of gender distinction.

I shall call you "person."

damn, person; you are fine. I have seen a multitude of persons in my day,
but you are truly the finest. you are smooth like gravy.


I want you to know that I have seen how the Man has kept you down and such
nonsense. I think it is so crap.

I also want you to know that, though I may seem preoccupied with your dark
eyes, supple skin and incredible physique, I am not objectifying you in any


that would reify the misogyny that is already so dominant in patriarchal
culture. and I do not play that.

person, I dig you like chocolate. I am drawn to you like whiskey. the smell
of you makes me crazy. could this be love?


love is a tool of the capitalist regime; it is a construct used
to reinforce a social politic based on contractual obligations. I will
refrain from using this word. I shall say 'respect'.

let us slide on down to my pad. I wish to commence an egalitarian
relationship with you. we shall sip fresh orange juice (supplemented with
wheatgrass and ginko biloba) and make meaningful eye contact and discuss
matters of social concern. we shall celebrate mutual diversity and engage
in common struggle. we shall embrace solidarity and critique the dominant

then I shall tickle you and we will have a pillow fight in our pajamas.
mmm. yes.

your anger hypnotizes me. you are sweet like a sugar-coated razor blade.
you make my blood run warm.

person, if music were the food of respect, play on. what is this thing
called respect? come back to my house so I can make sweet respect to you.


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