Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things I Want to Do in Life

I was talking to a friend the other day and he was telling me all of these really wonderful, specific goals he had for his life- be a mathematician, drink vodka in Moscow, learn to build a house for himself, etc. All I could think of for my own life was just to be happy. But it got me thinking... how can I progress if I don’t even know what I want? So I made a semi-nerdy yet altogether awesome list of all the things I want for my life. It made me realize how diverse my interests are and how many different ways I could go. Really, you should try it.... it makes ya feel good. Don't censor yourself. Even if it seems dumb just write it. Lay it all out... then get to work!

Here's my list!


Have my own (craft store) business

Own my own house

Restore a house, trailer, furniture to original condition

Work on making a city better (urban planning, sustainability, preservation)

Go to Roundtop

Own a vintage Airstream

Go to the American Crafts Council Conference

Take creative writing classes

Learn to draw

Work at a nursing home

Grow my own food for a season

Be in love

Have/adopt a child

Become a yoga teacher

Own a two person bike

Live in a walkable city

Get MA in historic preservation from SCAD

Present at a conference

Teach at community college

Learn to tap dance

Be an antiques appraiser

Take pin-up style pictures

Have a roach-coach vegan bakery on wheels


Make a quilt

Age gracefully

Save enough money to take care of my parents

Have a library

Bake a multi-layer cake

Jog/walk a marathon

Travel- anywhere and everywhere

Landscape a yard

Travel the US by train

Have a huge dance party

Learn to control stress, not take things too seriously, and let things go

Spin yarn

Be an ally

Live naturally

Do something totally out of character

Learn to play the piano or cello

Sing karaoke

Spend a day in a park walking, reading, picnicking and finding shapes in the clouds

Random acts of kindness

Make popcorn without burning it

Lots of kisses, hugs, and cuddling

Have a bake sale

Build a fort/teepee

Dye wool

Read the Harry Potter series

Study- natural medicine, nutrition, food safety, yoga, the brain, feminist philosophy/philosophy, feminism, alternative histories, critical studies, deconstruction/postmodernism, linguistics, rhetoric, art/art history, preservation, creative writing (fiction, nonfiction), science, pop culture, literature, visual theory/criticism, history of craft/art vs. craft, urban planning, sustainability, midwifery, critical pedagogy

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