Friday, May 22, 2009


It's so incredible here today. Its been rainy and overcast here for the past 3 days and I'm loving it! Here in PHX we rarely get this- especially in May and it's great having a break from the high 90's and tripple digits. I was considering taking the whole day off- to soak up the day and the long, holiday weekend. But I'm taking a half day and I think I might bear the rain and go ride my bike in it! That's right- screw getting the house cleaned for my best bud's arrival. Doesn't that sound fun?

Me and another girl here at work have been walking each day at break and its been so nice to get away from the office and have someone to talk to that is totally willing to just listen. I guess thats what keeps me coming to work- which is great but a little sad. : )

Anyways- My best friend is coming to visit today and I'm pretty excited. There's so much going on its pretty fun. Tonight's a graduation and before hand we will be headed to my favorite little shop, Butter Toast Vintage (seriously go cause those girls are the best and deserve to do well).

My dad's picking up Linds at the airport and we are going to meet for a delicious dinner at Sierra Bonita (another local favorite which I highly suggest you check out). Saturday we are gonna wake up and head to either LUX or Copper Star for coffee then head out to Tempe to shop at Tiedmann's and hit Mill Ave cause I've been eyeing a body suit thing at AA for some time and kinda need it.

Saturday night we will be heading to Flag to show Linds the school and hang out. Sunday is the big BBQ and after we will come home to PHX. Monday will be filled with lounging by the pool and margaritas! Mmmm.

Do you have any plans? Have a great weekend everyone!

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