Friday, March 6, 2009


Thank goodness it is Friday! This week has been so sluggish, I never thought this week would end! Tonight is First Fridays and I am hoping to go! If we- my sister and I- decide to go we will have to go make coppies of the lovely little fliers I made this week for the love letter idea I wrote a post about earlier. If all goes well I will post pictures. Tomorrow I am heading to Portland to visit my oldest friend Ashley. I am so excited. She is moving out here to Phoenix April first but I am psyched I could get a visit in before she leaves. (I'll post pictures of the trip too!) I'll be out of town till late Tuesday and boy do I need the break. Do you ever feel like your patience has run out? Thats how I have been feeling... I am going stir crazy here! And as soon as I get back from Portland I will be making a urgent trip to Frances ( to get these Have a good longish weekend!

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